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How to log in
Logging in for the first time
Understanding the menus
Different types of groups
Join a group
Take part in a forum discussion
Upload documents to a group
Invite others to join your group
List the members of a group
List groups you are a member of
Create a group

Using VUE

How to log in   

  • Using a Coventry University account
    • Use the Log In form on the right of the page
  • Using a Gmail/Google, Yahoo or Open ID account
    • Click on the “Log In” link on the top left corner of the CircuitNet Home Page
  • If you have not got any of these
    • Register for Gmail etc. (Free)

Logging in for the first time   

  • When you log in for the first time you might be taken to the User Admin area. To return to the main site please click on the CircuitNet link found in the Top Menu.

First Login - Wordpress User Admin Area   

Understanding the menus   

  • The site has three menu areas:
  • The “Top Menu” located in the top left corner of the page.
    • After you log in, this will provide access to many of the general functions of the site.
  • The “Main Menu” located in the centre-top part of the page.
    • This aggregates information from the different groups you are a member of.
  • The “Group/Section Menu” located near the centre of the page.
    • This changes depending on the area of the site you are visiting, but will be the menu for a particular group on a group page.
CircuitNet Site Menus

CircuitNet Site Menus

Different types of groups   

  • The main group types are Public and Private (there is also a Hidden type which is only visible to members)
  • Public Groups: Content is publicly viewable and any logged in member can join a group and post to forums and add content.
  • Private Groups: Members have to be accepted and content and activity is only accessible by the group


  1. Log in (see here)
  2. Click on Groups option on the site’s Main Menu
  3. Find the group you wish to join then click Join Group button (to the right)
  4. If the group is a private group you will have to send a request to join.


  • Click on the Forum link to join an existing discussion or create a new discussion topic.

  • Then click a topic title to view existing discussion topics, posts.
  • Go to “Add a reply” and click on “Post Reply” to post to this topic.
  • Clicking on “New Topic” takes you to “Post a New Topic form” where you can create a new topic thread.


Upload documents to a group 


  • Click on the Documents link in the Section/Group Menu
  • Alternatively, if you wish to discuss the document in a discussion forum:
    • Create a Forum topic (see below) and type a link to the forum topic in the document description field.

Invite others to join your group   

  • To send email invitations to users who are not current members of your CircuitNet group, go to the Top Menu and click on My Account -> Send Invites -> Invite New Members.
  • Fill in and/or amend relevant fields.

Send invites to non members via email   

List the members of a groups   

  • Click on the Members option under the Section/Group Menu

Group Members Example   

List groups you are a member of 

  • To find which groups you are a member of do the following:
  • Go to the “Top Menu” -> My Account -> Groups -> My Groups
My Groups Menu

My Groups Menu

Create a group   

  • To create a group follow these steps:
    • Log in;
    • On the Main Menu click on the “Groups” option;
    • On the groups page, next to the “Groups Directory” page title click on “Create a Group” button;
    • Follow the instructions completing all 7 steps:
      • Step 1: Enter group name and group description (both fields must be completed).
      • Step 2: Tick “Enable discussion forum” if your group requires a discussion forum, then select a group type (see here for more information)
      • Step 3: Tick “Enable group blog” if your group requires a blog, then select the “Enable member blog posting” if you wish other group members to post to the group blog.
      • Step 4: Tick “Enable group Wiki” if your group requires a simple Wiki facility, then select Wiki options such as “allow all group members to create their own wiki pages.”
      • Step 5: Choose your group avatar by uploading your own image or keep the default option.
      • Step 6: External blogs. Here you can add a selection of RSS feeds from other sites which might be of interest to your group. Please note that the RSS feeds will be displayed on the Group’s Home page hence mixing with the group activity stream.
      • Step 7: “Send invites” is a facility to send invitations to anyone who is already a member of the CircuitNet. Click “Finish” to create the group.
    • As the group creator you are automatically the group Administrator. This will give you all the rights necessary to administer the group. It might be a good idea to explore this by choosing the “Admin” option on the group menu (see Understanding the menus).

Using VUE   

  • VUE (Visual Understanding Environment) is a free visualisation application with many powerful features. To use it, you can either download and install it on your PC from here (you will need to register for this), or use the browser applet here, which will allow you to use most of the features without needing an installation. The application or applet will allow you to edit the VUE mappings and upload your own versions.
  • A User Guide for VUE can be found here.